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What harm does the air of industrial chiller system not exclude?

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The information in this paper,:

Industrial chiller components mostly belong to metal materials, often after running for a long time, because of the corrosion of metal materials, or the decomposition of lubricating oil/refrigerant, and air leakage in the process of operation and other reasons, resulting in the existence of air in the cold system of industrial cold water mechanism.

So what harm will the air bring after entering the cold system of industrial cold water mechanism? Let's make a concrete analysis: air is a non-condensable gas in the industrial cold water mechanism cooling system, so it cannot be liquefied. If it enters the condenser, it will lead to the increase of condensing pressure of the condenser, and make the heat transfer of the industrial chiller deteriorate, so as to reduce the cooling capacity of the refrigeration system. In addition, it will also make the lubricating oil oxidation metamorphism.

The harm of air in the cooling system of industrial cold water mechanism can be summarized as four points:

1. It directly leads to the rise of the condensing pressure of the industrial chiller. In the condenser with air, the air occupies a certain volume, so it has a certain pressure, and the refrigerant in the condenser also has a certain pressure. The more air in the condenser of the industrial chiller, the greater its partial pressure is, and the total pressure of the condenser rises naturally.

2. Due to the existence of air, the gas layer formed on the heat transfer surface of the condenser of the industrial chiller plays a role of increasing the thermal resistance, thus reducing the heat transfer efficiency of the condenser. At the same time, as the air enters the data system of the industrial chiller, the water content of the system increases, thus corroding the pipes and other equipment of the industrial chiller.

3, if there is air in the cooling system of the industrial cold water mechanism, the condensation pressure will rise directly, which will lead to the decrease of the cooling capacity of the industrial chiller, and increase the power consumption of the whole industrial chiller.

4. After the existence of air in the refrigeration system of industrial chiller, accidents are easy to happen if oil vapor is encountered in the case of high exhaust temperature.

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