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Ten principle issues that should be understood in advance of industrial chiller

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The information in this paper,:

When many customers buy industrial freezers, they do not know how to choose because it is the first time to use them. When choosing industrial freezers, the following principles can be followed:

1, the choice of industrial refrigeration units, should be based on the use, refrigeration capacity, local power supply, water source, heat source, gas source and other conditions, through the investment, operating costs, energy consumption, environmental protection and other factors to determine the comprehensive technical and economic comparison.

2. In areas with abundant power supply, store-driven industrial refrigeration units should be selected first, generally in accordance with the following principles.

A. Single cooling capacity is as follows: When Q0> 1163KW, centrifugal refrigeration unit is generally used.

B, the cooling capacity is as follows: when Q0= 582-1163KW, the screw refrigerator is generally used more, and some centrifugal refrigerators are selected.

C, the cooling capacity is as follows: when Q0< 582KW, the piston refrigeration unit is generally used (such as air-cooled box freezer/water-cooled box freezer).

3. Under normal circumstances, the energy efficiency ratio (EER) of industrial refrigeration units driven by electricity is higher than the thermal coefficient of absorption refrigeration units. According to the different energy consumption per unit cooling capacity, the order of energy consumption of industrial refrigeration units from low to high is: centrifugal refrigerator, screw refrigerator, piston refrigerator, absorption (direct fuel type, steam type, hot water type) refrigerator.

4. For places with waste heat or waste heat utilization and places lacking of electricity, absorption industrial refrigeration units should be given priority.

5. When using piston-type industrial refrigerating units, the units with multi-head automatic linkage control should be preferred.

6. When the factory purchases industrial refrigeration units, the general principle is to choose 2 ~ 4 units, which can be decided according to the needs of the factory. However, different types and different capacities of units can be used in the industrial refrigerator room to reduce energy consumption.

7, in the choice of industrial refrigeration units, but also should consider its pollution to the environment: A, noise and vibration, to meet the requirements of the surrounding environment; B. The harm degree of refrigerant to atmospheric ozone layer and the size of greenhouse effect.

8. For the reconstruction and expansion project, where the machine room cannot be set, modular refrigeration (hot) water unit or air-cooled heat pump type cold (hot) water unit can be selected. A single cooling unit can be used if there is an external heat source.

9, for some needs to meet the requirements of providing cold and heating at the same time, especially for the surrounding area need heating, and the inner area need cooling places (such as offices, shopping malls, hospitals, schools), water source heat pump unit is the most ideal choice.

10. In the selection of industrial refrigeration units, in addition to the EER value and COP value of performance coefficient of industrial refrigeration units, we should also consider the annual total energy consumption value of industrial refrigeration units under partial load.

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