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Cooling tower parameters of the chiller are introduced

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The information in this paper,:

1. Basic introduction

Cooling tower is a comprehensive product of aerodynamics, thermodynamics, fluid science, chemistry, biochemistry, material science, static and dynamic structure mechanics, processing technology and other disciplines. Water quality is a multi-variable function, and cooling is a process of multi-factors, multi-variables and multi-effects. With the continuous development of cooling tower industry, more and more industries and enterprises have applied cooling tower, and many enterprises have entered the cooling tower industry and developed.

Two, product principle

1. There must be a certain amount of "surplus energy 20%-25%" in the circulating water system of the cooling tower of the chiller. These energies are gathered at a valve during operation, and over time these energies are lost in vain. External water turbine is to use these "surplus energy" into efficient mechanical energy, so as to replace 100% cooling tower fan motor to achieve the purpose of electricity saving.

2. The key to how the external turbine can achieve the motor driving efficiency is to understand the surplus energy in the design of the cooling tower circulating water system, and the impeller design of the turbine is also the key. The surplus energy is mainly composed of the following six parts:

1) Residual value that must be considered in the design of circulating water system;

2) Potential energy utilization of heat exchange equipment;

3) Self-regulation ability of water turbine;

4) Kinetic energy conversion efficiency of circulating water system;

5) The energy consumed by the valve when the valve is not opened in place.

6) Low flow meets system requirements by merging and re-diverting.

3. Energy saving transformation of old cooling tower

The water pump is used to drive the cooling tower and the heat exchange equipment. The external water turbine uses the backwater pressure energy to convert the water turbine to drive the fan. Generally, according to the three cooling towers for energy saving transformation, the design flow is too large and the actual consumption is about 60%. Two towers are driven by water turbines, and one tower is driven by motor and is available in summer.

Cooling tower new tower design

The focus of the work of the external water turbine is the backwater pressure or backwater flow to meet the turbine to drive the fan to work capacity, the law of conservation of energy - how much backwater flow or pressure conversion = how much fan speed. External turbine speed increases and decreases according to the increase and decrease of the system flow, the system of three external turbine cooling tower, water turbine outlet pipe three towers through, through the bypass valve to adjust the flow and easy maintenance.

Iii. Product structure

External turbine cooling tower as the name implies, its main equipment is installed in the cooling tower air duct outside the turbine. The main parts of the external water turbine are 304# stainless steel impeller, 316L stainless steel spindle, volute host adopts carbon steel. Guide impeller is an important part of energy conversion. Before circulating water enters the impeller, swirling flow is generated when it passes through the guide impeller, which further improves the energy conversion efficiency of the impeller. The base of the turbine is 900*900. The upper and lower steel plates are adjustable by double-head bolts (easy for maintenance). The weight design of the turbine is similar to the weight matching of the traditional motor and the soft connection of the gearbox transmission in the air duct.

External cooling tower type water turbine, because installed in the cooling tower air duct outside the motor position, without any space limitation, the impeller diameter, blade number and shape, Angle can be according to the actual situation of customers to enlarge the design, increase torque and improve conversion efficiency. Different flow, pressure system design, to achieve the most perfect transmission conversion ratio, cooling tower fan speed is greater than or equal to the original motor driven fan speed. External water turbine snail shape, using bionics snail effect to reduce the impact force and vibration rate of circulating water.

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