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What is the market for industrial chillers?

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The information in this paper,:

According to the development planning of Our country, the refrigeration hVAC industry will have a greater development, and the chiller and the industrial chiller will be more attention to different degrees. And with the continuous development of refrigeration science, there will be more and more new chillers in the refrigeration industry, and the industry scope of chillers and industrial chillers will be more and more widely involved, which contains business opportunities, naturally self-evident.

Chillers and industrial chillers: Chillers in the refrigeration industry have basically entered an era of price transparency and market saturation, despite the huge profits in the first twenty years. The profit margins of all kinds of chillers are not what they were in the 1980s. In such a market gap, chillers only chiller and industrial chiller still maintain a fairly fast rising momentum, it can be said to be commendable. Chillers and industrial chillers are not only one kind of chillers, but also two very important refrigeration equipment in chillers. Compared with other chillers, chillers and industrial chillers, the application range is wide. In addition to the refrigeration industry, cold water machine and industrial water chillers and is widely applied in hvac system of smelting, electroplating, metallurgy, electronics, plastics, chemical industry, and so on, can see the cold water machine with the form of industrial water chillers are widely services, due to its used across, so the cold water machine with industrial water chiller profit space is opposite bigger.

Water chiller and industrial water chiller is a refrigeration device to provide chilled water, according to the needs of users to provide -30 ~ 20 chilled water or chemical solution. It is especially suitable for electroplating, medicine, chemical, plastic, food additives and other production lines of cooling and enterprises, institutions need centralized air conditioning or production processes need frozen water. Take electroplating industry as an example: in this industry, it is necessary to use chillers in chillers, industrial chillers and so on. And because there are many acid and alkaline solutions in the plating industry to cool, and the corrosion is very large, the general service life is not long, so the demand for chiller and industrial chiller is large.

According to insiders, Guangdong is the national electroplating equipment manufacturing center, electroplating industry has a very important position.

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