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How to prevent high temperature alarm of industrial chiller in summer

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The information in this paper,:

In the hot summer, the use frequency of industrial chiller is the highest in a year, and summer is also the season with the most frequent high temperature alarm of industrial chiller. Today we take you to understand why the industrial chiller will appear high temperature alarm:

1. Reasons for high temperature alarm of industrial chiller:

1. The cooling capacity of the supporting industrial chiller is insufficient.

2. Serious dust accumulation or poor ventilation in the placement position of industrial chiller affect the heat dissipation performance of industrial chiller.

3. The ambient temperature of the industrial chiller is too high, and the temperature in summer remains high. The work of the industrial chiller in the workshop with high temperature leads to the chiller alarm.

4. Improper setting of temperature controller parameters of industrial chiller.

Two, how to solve the high temperature alarm of industrial chiller:

1, first put the industrial chiller in a ventilated position, and regularly clean the chiller dust and remove and wash the dust filter.

2. Set appropriate temperature parameters.

3, choose the industrial chiller with greater cooling capacity.

The maintenance and maintenance of industrial water chiller in summer is the most important, the correct maintenance and maintenance can effectively improve the service life of industrial water chiller.

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