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Simple selection method for industrial chiller

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The information in this paper,:

In the previous article may also be mentioned, but a lot of friends in the face of a lot of calculation formula and parameter may feel a little dizzy, so to introduce the use an enrichment of industrial cold water machine the enrichment, essence of essence computing company, and also very easy to understand, can help you simplify many, many, the specific formula is as follows:

Cooling capacity (KW) = chilled water flow x temperature difference x coefficient

Note :(1) chilled water flow refers to the cold water flow required by the machine during its operation, and the unit should be converted into M3/Hr;

(2) Temperature difference refers to the temperature difference between the machine and water;

(3) The multiplication coefficient is 1.3 when selecting the air-cooled chiller, and 1.1 when selecting the water-cooled chiller.

(4) Select the corresponding machine model according to the calculated cooling capacity.

For example, a machine needs 6m3/hr of cooling water, and the temperature difference between inlet and outlet water is 5 degrees, the required cooling capacity

Q = 6 m3 / hrx5 ℃ x1.1 = 33 kw

According to the required cooling capacity, we can check the water-cooled chiller parameter table and get the following: FLS-12WD cooling capacity is sufficient for 38.37kW.

From the current general habit of how much habit to chiller with P to calculate, but the most important is to know the rated cooling capacity, the general air-cooled industrial chiller 1HP cooling capacity of 3KW, the water-cooled industrial chiller 1HP cooling capacity of 3.1KW, and so on. So the most important thing to choose industrial chiller is to find out the rated cooling capacity. So master the calculation formula of cooling capacity, and then refer to the notes in the instructions, basically can solve how to choose the appropriate industrial chiller.

Choice of pump flow rate

Industrial cold water machine the pump head = (length of pipeline resistance + + bend resistance level height, machinery and equipment need to lift) x 1.2 (insurance coefficient) due to pipe, elbow resistance and flow velocity, pipe diameter has much to do, a formula to calculate also let people have a little dizzy, can have the method of simple point, east star refrigeration machinery according to the practice experience for many years to estimate the following formula:

100m pipe length =5M head

1 elbow (90 degrees)= 1.1m head

1 elbow (45 degrees)= 1.1m head

Horizontal height 1M=1M head

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