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What are the main components of seafood special chiller, ice water machine and refrigerator?

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The information in this paper,:

Seafood machine is also known as (seafood chiller, ice water machine, freezer). It is mainly used for refrigeration and heating of seafood pond and fish tank. It is a water temperature control system to keep a certain temperature so that seafood can grow smoothly. Shenzhen east star refrigeration company specialized in seafood breeding cold water factory, our main products include: screw chillers, air cooled chiller, water cooled chiller, open the cold water machine, low temperature cold water machine, acid and alkali resistant cold water machine, electroplating chillers, cooling water machine for laser, chemical industry cold water machine, industrial refrigerator, cold water injection molding machine and other refrigeration equipment.

Dongxing brand 60HP open seafood chiller

◆ Compressor: select the original imported refrigeration compressor Japan "Panasonic", the United States "valley wheel", France "Meiyou le" and other famous brand refrigeration compressor, its stable and reliable operation, high efficiency and low fault, low vibration noise, convenient maintenance and other advantages;

Condenser: different types of heat exchanger copper tubes imported from Germany and Japan;

Evaporator: high efficiency heat exchange inner thread copper pipe;

Electronic control system: high intelligent PLC, PC level microcomputer control system;

◆ Frozen accessories: the world's most famous brands danfoss, Ai Ke, Persia and other famous brands, high quality, excellent performance.

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