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Features of 80P low temperature explosion-proof chiller

The author: Release time:2021-11-29 18:34:14Click on the:462

The information in this paper,:

Features of 80P low-temperature explosion-proof chiller:

*80P low temperature explosion-proof chiller adopts imported international famous brand explosion-proof compressor, which is 20%-30% higher than the general compressor.

*80P low temperature explosion-proof chiller adopts imported advanced components, stable and reliable performance, long service life;

*80P low temperature explosion-proof chiller evaporator and condenser with high temperature efficiency can save energy by more than 10%;

*80P low-temperature explosion-proof chiller temperature control table adopts imported high-precision Chinese display, saving electricity;

*80P low temperature explosion-proof chiller control electrical appliances use explosion-proof control box, electrical accessories are connected by explosion-proof pipes;

*80P low temperature explosion-proof chiller protection device is installed in the customized explosion-proof control box;

* Perfect safety guarantee and fault indication system;

* Copper pipe adopts oxygen-free welding method;

* This series of chiller can also be customized acid-base type;

* Highly optimized structure, shell and tube heat exchanger to support the body, simple structure, compact and practical.

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