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How to deal with the low evaporation pressure of water cooled chiller?

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The information in this paper,:

Water-cooled chiller is widely used in textile factory, electronic factory, chemical factory, plastic factory, ink printing factory, etc. It mainly provides 3-30℃ cryogenic chilled water to cool the equipment, so as to improve the product quality rate and improve work efficiency. However, yesterday, a customer asked East Star, they bought in another chiller evaporator pressure is too low phenomenon, resulting in the normal operation of the water cooled chiller, seriously affecting the production. Therefore, I particularly hope that East Star Refrigeration can help analyze what causes it and how to eliminate it.

Because the chiller produced by each manufacturer is different, East Star still suggests that we consult the water-cooled chiller manufacturer supplied to you first, if they can provide after-sales service is certainly the best. However, the analysis and elimination of the reasons for the low evaporative pressure of the water-cooled chiller can still provide help for you. East Star refrigeration is recommended to gradually check the water-cooled chiller from the following 7 points. For abnormal checks, timely dressing can be carried out.

1. The evaporation pressure of the water-cooled chiller may be too low because of the lack of refrigerant. Therefore, as long as the corresponding refrigerant can be supplemented. But east Star refrigeration to remind a point: if the refrigerant is insufficient, be sure to check whether there is internal leakage. If there is internal leakage, it should be repaired, or even if the refrigerant is added, it will still be directly missed, and the problem can not be solved.

2. If the expansion valve of the water-cooled chiller is opened too small or the valve hole is blocked, the evaporation pressure will be too low. It can be restored to normal use by opening the large expansion valve and removing the blockage of the valve hole.

3. It may be caused by blockage of liquid supply pipeline. After the inspection, it is ok to directly remove the dirty things in the liquid supply pipeline to solve the blockage problem.

4. Is the fault caused by oil accumulation in the evaporator? If so, simply drain the oil.

5. The evaporation pressure caused by the blockage of the filter dryer is too low. Just clean and replace the filter dryer.

6. If the solenoid valve of the water-cooled chiller does not work, this phenomenon will also occur. The solenoid valve can be repaired or replaced to restore normal use.

7. It may also be caused by the "ice plug" of the expansion valve, so check the cause first and remove the "ice plug" of the expansion valve.

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