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Main features of fully automatic water cooled screw type (double head) chiller

The author: Release time:2021-11-29 18:32:58Click on the:431

The information in this paper,:

Accurate control of microcomputer temperature

The microcomputer controller of Dongxing screw chiller adopts large screen dot matrix LIQUID crystal display and has good all-Chinese man-machine dialogue interface to realize full-function automatic control. The LCD display displays the working condition of the machine in time, and accurately monitors the operation of the unit in the best state. The touch panel is extremely sealed, waterproof, dustproof, corrosion resistant, and the key life is long.

Infinite and graded energy control

Dongxing brand screw chiller is used in general industrial refrigeration system, equipped with 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% energy grading control system. This ensures the maximum energy saving effect of the unit under partial load. But for precise control of water temperature, according to user requirements, all models can be equipped with stepless energy control.

Two, high operation efficiency

The heat exchanger of Dongxing brand water-cooled screw chiller adopts high-efficiency bellows and high-efficiency screw compressor to ensure the high-efficiency operation of the unit.

The most reliable protection and auxiliary parts.

East star brand of water cooled screw chiller with safety protection device to prevent any operational failure: compressor set timer, over-current relay protection, compressor motor temperature sensor, prevent freezing temperature controller, depending on the liquid mirror, oil heater, compressor inverse phase protection relay, high, low voltage protection, exhaust temperature protection, safety valve, soluble plug.

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