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Perception of custom over a different holiday - - East Star refrigeration

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The information in this paper,:

Qingming Festival is one of the most important traditional festivals in China. It is not only a festival for people to pay homage to their ancestors and remember them, but also a bond for the Chinese nation to recognize their ancestors and return to their families. It is also a spring ceremony for hiking, getting close to nature and protecting the newborn.

In Chinese history, it has long been a custom to forbid fire for cold food and pay homage to ancestors. After the Tang Dynasty, the Cold Food Festival gradually declined. Sweeping tombs and offering sacrifices to ancestors on Tomb-sweeping Day became a continuous tradition. Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi "Cold food Wild Wang Yin" poem cloud: "Crow magpie noise faint trees, Qingming cold food who cry? The wind blows the wilderness paper money to fly, ancient tombs spring grass green. Apple pear flower reflects poplar, full of life and death parting place. The heavy spring in the desert cries not to hear, rustling rain people go back." Gao Juqing, a poet of the Song Dynasty, also wrote in a poem: "There are many graves in the mountains of the north and the south. Paper ash fly for white butterflies, tears and blood dyed red azalea. On the fox's grave at sunset, did a drop die?" Is to today's society, people in the Qingming Festival before and after the tomb sweeping still have the custom of visiting the tomb to worship ancestors: weed removal, put on offerings, in front of the grave incense prayer, burning paper money gold ingot, or simply presented a bunch of flowers, in order to express the memory of ancestors.

Now, Qingming has changed from a traditional folk custom into a national festival, which implies that the state pays attention to each individual. After all, the commemoration of the dead is more about providing comfort to the living, and ultimately returning to respect for the living. The singing of spring life is also to settle down in every living life in reality, to protect their rights and dignity. This is exactly what countless revolutionary martyrs and our forefathers hoped for.

"A few early warbler for warm tree", "boundless scene a new". Qingming, let us feel the traditional civilization, feel the value of life, and then consciously cultivate and practice socialist core values, live up to this wonderful spring. Want to know how the East Star people spend their holidays? Please pay attention to the east star refrigeration website www.dongxing-sz.com!

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