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East Star love relay, a new season of student aid plan officially launched

The author: Release time:2021-11-29 18:36:38Click on the:454

The information in this paper,:

Great love is silent and full of love. There are many ways to express love. In recent years the state encourages the various forms of public welfare activities more and more, has 10 years of "the hope project - sunshine student" activities, led by pku, several department decided in 2014 we will continue to implement the project hope - sunshine educational action, to forge a vast impoverished students continue to realize the "dream" in school, power "China dream". A public service platform for enthusiastic people to give back to society.

East Star Refrigeration is actively participating in the "Hope project", to contribute their own positive energy for others and the society. Graduation season has passed, will soon usher in a new season of school, but there are many children are worried about a tuition fee, they are very hard but because of economic conditions and can not continue to study, this is a cruel reality. East star refrigeration wants to let such children more opportunities to receive education through their own love. An enterprise to do for a long time must have a correct value concept, East star refrigeration (http://www.dongxing-sz.com) "by virtue of enterprise" - to create elite team, do first-class refrigeration equipment, want to buy chiller friends can call 0755-81715045, thank you.

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